ALBABTAIN Foundation establishes the International Committee for dialogue and consensus (ICDC), which is a permanent body comprising a group of intellectuals and politicians and peace activists defending freedom, wealth of human life and dignity. / * Free Arabic language Course starts in the 6th of march 2015 targeted to participants of the master European Citizenship and Mediterranean Integration , it is also open for other University students, it ends in July 2015, there will be a training part of this course in one of the Arab countries.


The President of the Institute Prof. Touhami Abdouli is nominated in January 2015   Secretary of State  in charge of the Tunisian Arab and African Affairs.

The international Conference on 11-12 November 2013 at the European Parliament, Brussels: ‘Euro-Arab dialogue in the twenty-first century: Towards a common vision'.

This conference is co-organized by Al-babtain Foundation and the Euro-Arab Institute for Dialogue between Cultures.