ALBABTAIN Foundation establishes the International Committee for dialogue and consensus (ICDC), which is a permanent body comprising a group of intellectuals and politicians and peace activists defending freedom, wealth of human life and dignity. / * Free Arabic language Course starts in the 6th of march 2015 targeted to participants of the master European Citizenship and Mediterranean Integration , it is also open for other University students, it ends in July 2015, there will be a training part of this course in one of the Arab countries.

Message of the President & The Vice President

Touhami Abdouli  Luigi Moccia

Through the different activities of the institute, which are related to academia, arts and cultural events, we are learning from the past, looking at the present and moving into the future safely. In fact, we are ‘escaping’ from the trap of the illusory multicultural scenarios to reach the intercultural realities based on dialogue and real exchange. Wisdom, connectivity and mutual understanding are our guidelines for a world view that gives us the remit to re-explore our “shared history” and to foster the allegiance to the Mediterranean civilization of philosophy, universality and modernity.
We aim within the action plan 2013 at providing five main added values incarnating the essence of freedom.

- Intercultural training courses for Europeans and Arabs as a process of understanding and exploring multicultural richness.     

- “Intercultural awareness and competences” for a real human teachings “as by research, cultural days, we all together affirm our presence.

- “The treasure within:” “language diversity not only across borders but within borders.” Language does not need a passport, and can’t be restricted, as it is a bird flying and coming at the dawn.
- ‘Medietrranology’ as a science for the region and the encyclopedia of the Mediterranean to be achieved, so all walls of fear fall. ‘You and I, all together can coexist pacifically, we are all learners and we are all masters.   

- “Let them fly” within mobility programs, all cultural categories can serve us. The “common Culture” is not mine or yours, it is the mosaic, when you and I and our communities speak only one culture of peace. I understand you, I respect you, I share with you. 

 This institute, as a bridge and voice for cultural freedom, moreover it is devoted only to ‘Culture’ of our many common cultures…