ALBABTAIN Foundation establishes the International Committee for dialogue and consensus (ICDC), which is a permanent body comprising a group of intellectuals and politicians and peace activists defending freedom, wealth of human life and dignity. / * Free Arabic language Course starts in the 6th of march 2015 targeted to participants of the master European Citizenship and Mediterranean Integration , it is also open for other University students, it ends in July 2015, there will be a training part of this course in one of the Arab countries.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Euro-Arab Institute for dialogue between cultures is:

  • Reinforcing intercultural dialogue and related behaviors across European and Arab societies; so that it becomes a way of life in dealing with cultural differences.
  • Implementing dialogue between various cultures, civilizations and religions, and expanding it towards more useful intellectual exchange.
  • Stimulating civil society associations as vital tool in the culture of dialogue, tolerance and mutual understanding.
  • Reinforcing the diversity of arts and literature, creativity and freedom in the framework of global values and international law.

The vision of the Euro-Arab Institute for dialogue between cultures is related to the essence of philosophy, religions, enlightenment, knowledge for all, many common identities and spirit of togetherness.

The Euro-Arab Institute for dialogue between cultures seeks inclusiveness not exclusiveness; best practices not worst practices, integration and cohesion not segmentation and segregation.